Rope Escape  

Игра от создателей Trial Xtreme

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Addictive high thrills escape game in the midst of the jungle!
Catapult yourself deep into the heart of the jungle and use your rope to swing through the trees high into the sky. Escape the chasing savages by swinging not only from the trees but from rocks originally intended for you; swing high enough and use the zeppelins to swing even higher for the best in-game rewards and power-ups! Feel the exhilaration of ”Rope Escape” as you swing higher and faster in search of ever-greater rewards and the global high score.
Use the rope wisely to escape from the savages and reach new heights to earn more coins! Use the flying catapulted rocks to swing even faster and higher through the air, to feel the rush and excitement! Use zeppelins to swing in the high skies and bring the zeppelins down to earn achievements!
Sign into ”Rope Escape” through your Facebook account to see how your achievements stack up against your friends and the rest of the world, and boast about your feats on the way to becoming a global ”Rope Escape” hero!
Key Features:
•Fast and furious continuous gameplay
•Highly addictive gaming platform (no, really, you will get addicted)

•Colorful characters for using in-game
•Collect power-ups in game or purchase via IAP
•Facebook integration to challenge your friends
•We have a banana

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Rope Escape
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Комментарии посетителей  (3)

Посетители - el666 # 3

это ига не для Samsung GT-S5830i. тестил лично S5830)
25 ноября 2012 19:47

Посетители - Ando # 2

это ига не для Samsung GT-S5830i.
25 ноября 2012 16:53

Посетители - el666 # 1

игра типа Rope'n'Fly только лучше:biggrin:
25 ноября 2012 02:40


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